Conservatory Installation

Conservatory Installation

Getting Conservatory basics right

It’s only natural to try to keep costs down when you are involved in building work, especially for those homeowners lucky enough to be getting a new uPVC or Hardwood Conservatory this year. However, some areas are really important, but probably not immediately obvious to most of us.

conservatoryThe one area of the conservatory that is not ‘glamorous’ are the foundations or base, but if you get this wrong then no matter what the quality or cost of your new conservatory, it will all be for nothing if the foundations are not good enough to support the building for many years to come. Foundations are subject to all kinds of wear & tear, not only do they bear the weight of the whole structure they also have to deal with the weather, they should be stable enough so that heavy rain does not cause subsidence, but yet flexible enough to expand & contract to cope with changes in temperature – frost makes the material shrink, heat makes it expand.

Most foundations for larger conservatories are called strip foundations, these are simply a trench which is dug to a suitable depth where there is good solid ground and filled with up to 9 or 12 inches of concrete dependent on what is being built on top of them. You can also do raft foundations or for some smaller rooms use a metal base.

Always use a certified contractor and get multiple quotes from independent sources such as