Welcome to Enfield and Haringey Athletic Club
  • Flying the flag at Perivale Jan 2015

  • Beth Forster Perivale Jan 2015

  • Ava Mulvihill Perivale Jan 2015

  • Alfie Zak - (Malyas in background) Perivale Jan 2915

  • Beth Forster Rachel Connery G U15 - Middx Cross Country Champs 2015

  • Jamie

  • Freddie - Finley - Finn - Yuri Zaviatchiyski Middx Cross Country Champs 2015

  • Joe Heather

  • Ben Beckwith NWL X Country League 2014

  • Alex Milne Fraternity Cup Trent Park November 2014

  • Harry Lownds NWL X Country League November 2014

  • Nicole Bibaud NWL X Country League November 2014

  • Jake Alan NWL X Country League November 2014

  • Millie Asten NWLL November 2014

  • Medal Winners at the Disability Championships at Lee Valley 07-11-2014

  • Tom Fallon. Met League. Nov 2014.

  • Natalie Young, Met League. Nov 2014.

  • Dale Powell. Met League. Nov 2014.

  • Petros, Mike C, Alex M

  • Beth Forster. Met League Nov 2014

  • Beth Forster

  • Angel McTavish. Met League Nov. 2014

  • Angie McNamara, the team manager of the winning UKWAL Division 1 Champions with the winners plaque.

  • Nichol, Ava and Ana Met League October 2014

  • Men's Senior Team Met League October 2014

  • Millie, Tash, Mia, Tommy. Met League. Oct 2014

  • Alfie, Joe R, Louis, JoJo, David, Max, Josh, Joe H. Met Lge. 2014

  • Finn, Yago, Yuri, Mario, Jamie. Met Lge. Oct 2014

  • Beth, Angel, Katherine, Emma Hughes, Emma Hatchet, Lucy, Caroline. Met Lge. Oct. 2014

  • Start of B13 race Met League October 2014

  • Start of G15/W17 race Met League October 2014.

  • Ava Mulvihill who won her first X Country race in EHAC Colours at Berkley Fields, Greenford 27.9.2014

  • Jojo Lewis, Eddie Fairhurst, Joe Rawson, Joe Heather at the new season's opening North West London Cross Country Race 29.09.2014

  • Prince Harry with Peter Scott member of Enfield

The Enfield and Haringey Athletic Club is actually an amalgamation of: Enfield AC founded 1920, Ponders End AC founded 1922 and Southgate Harriers founded 1933 which became Haringey AC in 1974.
The clubs merged at various times and in 1999 the merger of Borough of Enfield Harriers and Haringey AC produced a club that has rapidly risen to the top echelon of British athletics in all departments.

ENFIELD & HARINGEY ATHLETIC CLUB - Report for Membership 2014/2015MEMORANDUM Report for the Membership 2014/2015: 16th January 2015 Enfield and Haringey Athletics Club (EHAC) Committee wish to issue the following statement to the Membership. On 4th April, 2014 Mr. R Gibbins was formally suspended from all club duties. On 16th April, 2014 a Disciplinary hearing was held to consider the statements of all parties and the outcomes from this Disciplinary hearing. The Committee were unable to reach a decision/resolution, the suspension remained in place. Offers of mediation were presented to Mr. R Gibbins, who subsequently declined all offers of mediation presented by the Club. On the 24th November, 2014 the Committee held a final disciplinar.. Read More..
Chingford Cross Country Race - 17th January 2015Herewith, brief report on the above race held last Saturday. Weather was very pleasant being bright and sunny. Being quite hilly and a sea of deep mud in many places the course was very tough and could be rather strength sapping. However, it di.. Read More..
Met League at PerivaleThe race was held in rather windy weather over a mildly undulating course, being very wet and muddy underfoot made it somewhat strength sapping for all concerned. Senior Men The 8Km men’s course was over 3 laps with the race being keenly contes.. Read More..
Great run by a small E & H teamJust 7 YA's turned out at a rather windy Perivale on Saturday... Ava Mulvihill continued her impressive season and clocked a second place in the G13 race whilst Beth Forster matched her training partner's position in the G15 race. Both are coached by.. Read More..
Chingford League -Trent Park - 27 December 2014For this race the weather was dry, comfortable to run in but very muddy underfoot over a somewhat undulating course. Shaun Collins has been suffering from a calf injury for most of the season and used this race to try his leg out. With this in mind.. Read More..
Met X Country League race 20.12.2014Herewith, a brief report of the above Senior Men’s and Senior Ladies races. Senior Men’s Race Unfortunately, due to a combination of people on holiday, illness and injury we only had 7 runners competing. The senior race was won by junior Michae.. Read More..
Metaswitch Indoor GamesMetaswitch Indoor Games The first day of the Metaswitch Indoor Games for winter 2014-15 attracted over 400 event entries from 300 athletes. In the under 17 Shot competition Sergios Hanjikostanti (E & H) recorded an outstanding 16.79m to top the ind.. Read More..
BOXING DAY RUNEnfield & Haringey welcome all comers to their annual Boxing Day Run held at Lee Valley Athletic Centre. Events 3K and 5K. Doors open at 10am. As is usual, there is no actual fee to pay however all donations are very welcome and we would appreciate.. Read More..
British & Irish masters International Cross Country Race22 November 2014 - British & Irish masters International Cross Country Races, Nottingham John Scott continuing to his excellent form, had a great run for England finishing in third place helping the team to win the 45 to 49 category race. Result.. Read More..