Welcome to Enfield and Haringey Athletic Club
  • U13 and U15 Relay Squads - Anniversary Games 26-07-2015

  • U17 Relay Squads - Anniversary Games 26-07-2015

  • U20 Relay Squads Anniversary Games 26-07-2015 (Men's winners- George Vaughan, Khalil Bruney, Reuben Arthur and Nick Stewart)

  • Gavin Lock, Adrian Richards, Michael Skee, James Perry winners at Dartford 04-07-15

  • Some of the delicious EHAC cakes on sale at LVAC meet 21.6.2015

  • Precious Adu, Ruby Olseen and Sharon Manka at LVAC 21.06.2015

  • 616 Joanne Outtrim, 610 Pamela Abbott, 614 Jenifer Payn, 615 Katherine White., the guy in shades on the end is Mike Horscroft.

  • EHAC Race Walking Medallists from Cambridgeshire County Champs.

  • Katie Brown Delighted at beating her target time

  • Stuart Pepper on way to a strong finish in the Reading Half Marathon

  • Katie McKensie, Rhianna Smith, Nicole Bibauld, Rebecca Heather, Katie Mitchell, Max Cutner (15), Mario Efstathiou (17

  • Alfie, David, Joe R, Max, Matyas, Joe H, Rhianna, Nicole

  • Ciaron S - Ramone. Victoria Park 07.02.2015

  • Harry-David-Katie-Max-Ana- Joe R-Josh - Ava. Victoria Park 07.02.2015

  • Josh Guillen. Victoria Park 07.02.2015

  • Flying the flag at Perivale Jan 2015

  • Ava Mulvihill Perivale Jan 2015

  • Alfie Zak - (Malyas in background) Perivale Jan 2915

  • Beth Forster Rachel Connery G U15 - Middx Cross Country Champs 2015

  • Jamie

  • Freddie - Finley - Finn - Yuri Zaviatchiyski Middx Cross Country Champs 2015

The Enfield and Haringey Athletic Club is actually an amalgamation of: Enfield AC founded 1920, Ponders End AC founded 1922 and Southgate Harriers founded 1933 which became Haringey AC in 1974.
The clubs merged at various times and in 1999 the merger of Borough of Enfield Harriers and Haringey AC produced a club that has rapidly risen to the top echelon of British athletics in all departments.

Exciting Prospect for our Upper Age Group YDL teamE & H (YDL Upper Age Group) has been invited to submit a paper match for a finals spot in the National Final in Birmingham on September 6th. The team management is currently in the process of declaring the best team and performances throughout the 2015 season. 6 clubs have been invited to submit with only two spots available......local club SBH is in the same position too. We should find out by the end of this week (August 8th) and we shall endeavour to keep you updated on this exciting prospect. YA Team Management.. Read More..
Anniversary Games 26-07-2015Congratulations to all the under 13's U15s U17's and U20 Young Athletes who took part in the Club Challenge 4 x 1m relays at a very wet Olympic Stadium to celebrate the Anniversary Games. Competing on the same track as international athletes, plus ma.. Read More..
YDL (upper age group) Blackheath 25.07.2015Blackheath were the hosts for this last YDL match of 2015. The weather conditions were pretty grim; wet and windy at times. We went into the match knowing that premiership 1 status was more or less secure providing that neither Norfolk or Stevenage.. Read More..
YDL LAG July 18th at ETON.Had we been given the opportunity to exercise our performances from the declared team list from the 2nd match at Bracknell (subsequently cancelled), then we would no doubt be looking forward to premier 1 status next season, Ah well!! such is life. A .. Read More..
TOUGH BRITISH LEAGUE MATCH - GLASGOW JULY 11TH 2015When the list of athletes who were in the eight league clubs was announced some months ago I knew we were in for a terrific struggle to hold on to our place in the Premiership. It soon became apparent that if the other teams put out their very best.. Read More..
Southern League 4.7.2015At the Southern Athletic Meeting at Dartford the team worked together to produce an excellent result, probably the most exciting result was the 4 X 400m where "James Perry took the lead-off leg and went to the front at the break on the back straight... Read More..
Youth Develpoment League (U17/20) 28th June 2015The 3rd YDL upper age group match (U17/20), hosted by SBH at the Allianz Stadium, proved yet again to be one of the toughest contests amongst the country's best athletes in this age group. It was never going to be easy competing back in this league, .. Read More..
EHAC Young Athletes strike 'winning ways' on 21.06.2015At yesterday's bright but breezy LVAC, our Young Athletes set out on their mission to achieve a reasonable status to keep them out of the relegation zone of the Southern division of the YDL, after a very disappointing result at the first match in Cra.. Read More..